fails to use time productively in classQuip. For those of you who don’t immediately understand the title, I will explain, and for those of you who do. LOL.

This a one of those remarks you get on your report, because you made the choice to be social rather then productive in class. Well now I have come to the conclusion that being productive and social can be the same as I’m sure you have realized as well. Though I find as good as they work together, they can tear each other apart so to speak.

Too much socializing and you aren’t productive, and too much productivity and you forget to be social.

It’s just way to easy to get off course when you are working online, also spending to much time looking preparing or working on less significant parts, or forgetting what you where doing, and where you were going with it wastes a lot of time. I look at this as being a real problem that is only going to get worse for myself.

So being the sly person that I am I knew I needed to find a way to get passed this obstacle, I also realize that this is also a common problem when I am working on other things, and when my group and I are working together.

Make an agenda…

for the time you are going to spend, detailed with what needs to be accomplished, and how much time you think should allotted, as well as repetitions, and maybe a little time to venture on a interesting tangents if need be. (All work and no play right?)

I like the paper approach to it myself, there are a lot of inconveniences making it digital. TIME being the major issue.

Here is a picture of the one I did today for my group project, and the one I did for later today working on my social media campaign.

Using Mobile…

I also find that using Twitter and Facebook, on my iPhone is a lot less distracting, and intrusive because it can be used quickly, and then put down. Also there is a less incentive to run off on an tangent with an interesting link unless its productive.

Now I wanna ask you what you do to stay focused and productive, maybe even share a funny story of how you didn’t.


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